Shop with Backpacks

Items highlighted are backpacks

Your Backpack (also known as Inventory) is what carries your potions, armor and weapons. You start out with a "Dirty Backpack" with 10 slots, however, you can upgrade it in the shop.

It is not required to have a smaller bag to buy a bigger bag. For example, if you have the "Dirty Backpack", you can upgrade straight to a "Magical Backpack" without having to purchase the bags in between. It will be a pain to move stuff around in the beginning, but if you wish, jumping from the worst bag to the best bag is an effective way to save tens of thousands of gold.

Item Slots Base Price
Dirty Backpack 10 Free
Basic Backpack 12 491gp
Enchanted Backpack 16 981gp
Curious Backpack 20 2,453gp
Big Backpack 24 4,906gp
Massive Backpack 28 7,359gp
Magical Backpack 30 12,265gp

NOTE: The above prices are based on the following rates which were unchanged at the beginning of the game for my character.

  • Sell Rate: 27% of value
  • Buy Rate: 123% of value

Keep in mind the prices will fluctuate based upon your "barter" skill, and that given such, these numbers may not always be 100% correct.

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