Chests are the main means of gaining loot in Arkandian Crusade. There are three types of chests that can be found in various numbers in the dungeons:

  • Standard Chests;
  • Quest Chests;
  • Artifact Chests;

The number of chests varies from dungeon to dungeon and is written when selecting a mission from the Adventure Map screen


Standard Chests Edit

Standard chests can be found in every dungeon except the Thieves In The Sewers dungeon. They can contain all kind of items (enchanted or not) ranging from rags and basic clothing to armour, all kinds of weapons, jewellery, potions, books and recipes.

Quest Chests Edit

Quest chests are the chests that contain a special collectible required to sucessfully leave the dungeon and progress through the Campaigns. They are smaller and grey, seemingly made out of metal, compared to the brown wooden look of the standard chests. Quest Chests are usually found once in a dungeon and are required for the story to unfold. The contains vary from quest related items to buffs and spells, according to which dungeon they are found in.

  • The first quest chest found in-game is the one that contains the "Advisor's Cheese".

Artifact Chests Edit

Artifact chests are rare red chests that can be usually found in dungeons. They are just as large as standard wooden chests, but usually contain an expensive heavily enchanted item. Items found in these chests are recommended to be kept even if not used on the player, as the items are very good for recruits or as a source of gold.