List of Materials

There are a sum of 32 resources in Arkandian. Basics, Alchemy, Cooking, and Rares. They are used in Crafting


Name Farming Location Rarity
Coal Unknown Common
Iron Bars Unknown Common
Gold Bars Unknown Common
Cloth Unknown Common
Leather Unknown Semi-Common
Holy Water Defence Raid(Tier 1): Graveyard Going-Ons Common
Wood Unknown Semi-Common
Stone Unknown



Name Farming Location Rarity
Claws Unknown Semi-Common
Eyeballs Defence Raid(Tier 1): Brains! Semi-Common
Amphibian Feet Unknown Semi-Common
Wings Unknown Semi-Common
Feathers Unknown Semi-Common
Leaves Unknown Semi-Common
Fangs Defence Raid(Tier 3): Life Drain Semi-Common
Shells Unknown Semi-Common

Food StuffsEdit

Name Farming Location Rarity
Raw Meat Unknown Uncommon
Apples Unknown Uncommon
Raw Fish Unknown Uncommon
Cheese Unknown Uncommon
Mushroom Defence Raid(Tier 1): Mushroom Madness Semi-Common
Carrots Defence Raid(Tier 1): Werewolf Incursion Semi-Common
Bread Unknown Semi-Common
Berries Defence Raid(Tier 1): Orc Ambush Common

Rare ComponentsEdit

Name Farming Location Rarity
Ice Shards Unknown Rare
Fire Stones Unknown Rare
Energy Stones Unknown Rare
Fel Stones Defence Raid (Tier 4): Bad Moon Rare
Warp Crystals Defence Raid (Tier 1): Those Accursed Mages Rare
Jorellium Unknown Rare
Mana Orbs Defence Raid (Tier 2): The Raising Rare
Soul Shards Unknown Rare