Spells are gained by doing the Spells Campaign. There is one special spell for playing either the Ascended Campaign (Great Heal) or the Demons Campaign (Wastage) and 8 regular spells accesible from both campaigns.

They are unlocked as following.

  • Heal (10 mana) - Heals your hitpoints.
  • Bless (10 mana) - Increases your chance to hit and avoid attacks.
  • Fireball (15 mana) - Deals direct damage to your enemy.
  • Life Drain (15 mana) - Drains enemy's life and gives it to you.
  • Ice Barrier (15 mana) - Increases your Resistance and Protection.
  • Corrupt (20 mana) - Reduces enemy's combat defense and dodge skills
  • Lightning Lance (30 mana) - Deals large direct damage.
  • Enchant Weapon (30 mana) - Weapon damage increased for next hit.

The campaign-exclusive spells are here.

  • Magical Wastage (20 mana) - Increases damage for next attacking spell. (Evil Only)
  • Great Heal (20 mana) - Heals your hitpoints and cures effects. (Good Only)